Introducing Attorney feeSaver™

Let’s make your
legal fee TAX FREE

By combining two standard tax strategies, trial lawyers and their firms can invest and avoid all income tax on their fees.

No tax on current fees
No tax as fees grow prior to distribution
No tax at distribution

Get all these benefits with Attorney feeSaver

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What is Attorney feeSaver™?
here's how it works

We takeTWO common strategies

Plaintiff firms regularly use contingency fee deferral programs. Fortune 500 companies regularly use tax-free employee benefit compensation plans. By combining two long-standing, time-tested tax-strategies, trial attorneys can now defer, invest and avoid all income tax on their fees.

Standard Fee Deferral
Lawyers regularly defer fees and taxes by using an arrangement like a structured settlement.
Immediate tax-deferral of current income
No tax-rate spike from a high-income year
Tax-free build-up without contribution caps or employee matching
Saves taxes now and later prior to distribution
Standard Tax-Free Compensation
Companies regularly offer insured investing options that are tax-free to key employees and their families
Immediate deduction for the company
Tax-free disbursements to employees
Tax-free disbursements to employees
Death benefits without income tax or probate

And combine the two

Attorney feeSaver
By combining two standard tax strategies trial lawyers and their firms can defer fees, invest, and then ELIMINATE all income tax on their fees and gains. That's why it's called the Attorney feeSaver!
Defer taxes and grow:
Defer tax on your current fees
Defer tax on your fees’ investment growth
Receive flexible tax-free income forever
Save and Invest:
Save personal and business taxes
Build leveraged savings for future income needs
Protect legacy with leveraged death benefits
See Attorney feeSaver™ in action

Attorney feeSaver™ vs all others

No other attorney fee deferral program offers the tax-free advantages, income potential, and death benefits that the Attorney feeSAVER does. Consider Attorney feeSaver if you want to eliminate taxes now, later and forever.

Total Income After Tax in 20 years
Total Taxes Paid
Death Benefit Advantage

Lump Sum Fee

Deferral (Fixed ROR)

Deferral (Market ROR)

Attorney feeSaver

$0 to minimal tax

$3,117,000 of after-tax income

$1,200,000 of after-tax death benefits

$0 to minimal tax

$2,082,000 of after-tax income

$1,388,000 of tax

$1,504,000 of after-tax income

$1,311,000 of tax

$1,070,000 of after-tax income

$1,311,000 of tax

Additional Information: (BASED ON $1 MILLION DEFERRAL)
1. 48 year old, non-smoker, in good health
2. Assumes a 20 year deferral period followed by 20 years of income and death benefits;
3. Cash out assumes no fee deferral used. Taxes paid in current year and re-invested for future income.
4. All results are presented in AFTER-TAX dollar amounts.
5. Example is hypothetical based on earnings, cost, and tax-rate assumptions.